Are you Easy to do Business With (ETDBW)?

Well, are you?

Or do your customers have to interact with lots of different people? Are you inflexible, forcing the customer to do business “your” way? Are you reactive? And perhaps most importantly, do you really know or care about what truly matters to your customers?

Ask your customers how they feel about you – you might just be surprised at the answers!

What can you do so you are ETDBW?

  • Present a single face to your customers – Not sales, customer service, accounts etc – just your company.
  • Work in different ways for different customers – One size does not fit all!
  • Know what your customers want and anticipate their needs – If a customer buys X will he also need Y?
  • Let your customers do more for themselves – Let them input their own orders, check progress, manage deliveries and such like if they want to but do it for them if they do not.
  • Measure the things that customers really care about – Not what you think is important!!

Being ETDBW works to your advantage in two ways: It saves your customers both time and money, making them more loyal to you and it saves you money. All of the above drive costs out of your business – you can reduce overheads and manage your physical and financial resources much better. New customers are much harder to acquire that retaining old ones.

So, increased customer satisfaction and cost savings – is it time you took a long, hard look at whether your business is ETDBW – and if not, do something about it (before your competitors do!).

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