Business Growth Clubs – a mini dragons’ den?

In the mid 90s, WLP ran a series of growth clubs with some really great results for club members. Working in groups of 8-10, owner managers and senior managers in a range of SMEs came together once a fortnight, working through a structured development programme to produce robust and viable growth plans.

The clubs have just been relaunched with tremendous support and encouragement from past club members, many of whom are still reaping the rewards of the investments they made over 15 years ago.

These clubs have proved to be popular because owner managers often find that the discipline of rigorous growth planning is something that just never gets done without the impetus of working with other businesses and expert business advisors. In the clubs, members are working with a group of peers many of whom face the same challenges and opportunities. Strong working bonds are formed among members and a lively rapport develops within the groups.

The sessions bolster business management skills in critical areas and lead to increased confidence in dealing with marketing analysis, financial planning and operational management. Greater control, increased sales activity, efficiency improvements and more business confidence are just a few of the major benefits past participants have reported.

Banks and other financial institutions are big supporters of our clubs because they are all too often presented with inadequate business propositions. Facing the financiers can be as daunting as entering the dragons’ den. Plans produced through membership of a growth club are much more likely to get a good hearing at the bank, as they are based on thorough analysis.

Consider joining a growth club to make the growth planning process an altogether more rewarding experience. Find out more here.