Business Growth Clubs – a safer way of getting good quality external advice

Research shows that many small to medium-sized businesses are put off from seeking external professional advice due to fear of the costs and uncertainty about the likely returns, despite the fact that the research shows conclusively that businesses that seek out advice grow faster and are more profitable.

Trusting a consultant to give good advice and value for money can feel like a step into the unknown. This is a natural concern if you are running a business. Will you get on with the consultant? Will he or she make you feel stupid? Will he or she do what you ask? Will you have control over the project and the outcomes? These are just some of the questions it is only reasonable to ask, especially if you have not had good quality advice before and even more so if you have had a bad experience.

The design of a business growth club tackles many of these concerns head on. Costs are easily contained and shared across the membership of the club, your exposure is limited, and you can see how others in comparable situations handle the consultant team and ensure that they get value for money. You can get to know the consultant team in a safe environment. Moreover, you control what you share with the team and are only required to divulge what you wish about your business. There is also safety in numbers as you are one of a small group of clients.

Altogether, the business growth club is a good way of putting your toe in the water to see how it feels – it’s a relatively low risk option for getting advice and support and gives you more control over the process.