Myths About CE Marking – 1

“We’ve heard things like this before and it’ll
all go away just like the other ones did”

Unlike many previous standards, for example ISO 9001, CE Marking is a legal requirement for designated products. After 1st July 2014, Trading Standards will have the power to stop a business from trading and withdraw any products until the company has shown that it complies with the Regulations. In addition, customers’ insurance will be invalid if non-CE Marked components have been used.

This will be costly for businesses that are discovered not to be complying, as they will be unable to trade whilst they try to achieve CE Marking and will have to carry the cost of product recalls and fines. In serious cases Directors may also face imprisonment.

The consequences of these and perhaps other misunderstandings relating to the Directive will be dire for any businesses concerned. Don’t bury your head in the sand.

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