Myths About CE Marking – 3

“We’re exempt because our products are all one-offs”

Whilst it’s perfectly true that genuinely “one off” products don’t require CE Marking, there is a huge amount of confusion between what is legitimately a ‘one-off’ product and what is actually a ‘bespoke’ product, which will require CE marking.

An example of this is where a manufacturer is producing individually designed and manufactured staircases; even though each one may be unique, this is still considered to be series production of staircases which will require CE Marking.

Without appropriate CE Marking, companies will in effect be trading illegally after 1st July and their Insurers will obviate liability. In serious cases Directors may also face imprisonment.

The consequences of these and perhaps other misunderstandings relating to the Directive will be dire for any businesses concerned and time is running out fast. Don’t bury your head in the sand. To get the facts and some good advice, contact us on now!


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