Myths About CE Marking – 4

“We can handle all of this in-house and if we don’t pass
the assessment first time it’s easy re-book and try again”

In theory, yes it is possible to tackle CE marking in-house, but for most small businesses this is simply not a practical proposition.

Does anyone in the business have sufficient background / experience in compliance?
Even more critically, does anyone in the business have the necessary time to:

  • Study, understand and apply the various standards (two parts of EN 1090, up to five parts of EN 3834 plus 14/30292703 DC and EN 14735)?
  • Devise and install the required Factory Production Control and Welding Quality Management systems?

Even once these hurdles have been overcome, failing to achieve certification first time will not only bring the additional cost of a re-test, there would also be the delay waiting for a new assessment date (assessors are already becoming heavily booked) during which time, of course, the business would be prohibited from supplying the affected products.

The consequences of these and perhaps other misunderstandings relating to the Directive will be dire for any businesses concerned and time is running out fast. Don’t bury your head in the sand. To get the facts and some good advice, contact us on now!


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