Myths About CE Marking – 5

‘We’ve achieved certification, so we’re home and dry!’

After a successful CE Marking assessment most businesses heave a huge sigh of relief and congratulate themselves on overcoming this serious challenge. But whilst a ‘pat on the back’ and even some celebration is certainly well deserved, please don’t lose sight of the fact that in some respects the hard work has only just started!

Assessors will often adopt a ‘light touch’ for the initial assessment: providing that proper Factory Production Control and Weld Quality Management systems are in place and being used they may sometimes defer minor issues, reasoning that these will be corrected as the business becomes more familiar with compliance through continuing to work to CE Marking standards.

However, by the time regular surveillance visits begin (usually within a year of successful certification), assessors are often more strict and will expect evidence that the FPC & WQM systems are being followed closely and all the correct documentation is being maintained. Internal Audits, regular Non-Destructive Testing, Materials Certificates and Inspection Records are among the items which will be scrutinized closely: any shortcomings could result in Non-Conformances.

Is your business ready for the regular surveillance visits? To avoid potential difficulties it’s a good idea to undertake a full review of your CE Marking processes about a month before each surveillance visit, and WLP has a free checklist which can help.

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