Myths About CE Marking – 6

“We’ve never been asked for it, so we’ll wait until we are!”

Some business, although they know they should be CE Marking their
products, are adopting the attitude that they will put off doing anything
about it until somebody asks for it. The usual comment is “We’ve never
been asked for it, so we’ll wait until we are!”

This is rather like taking the same approach to having a driving licence: everyone understands these are a legal requirement and not bothering to get one until asked to produce it during a road-side check could have severe consequences.

The same is true for CE Marking, which is also a legal requirement. In addition to having to give a full refund on any goods supplied and voiding product insurance cover, there can be heavy fines, closure of the business until CE Marking is achieved and, in very serious cases, even imprisonment.

With businesses that are complying with the law beginning to report those that are not, is this a risk worth taking?


Make sure you watch our short, informative video on CE Marking and the Machinery Directive!