Myths About CE Marking – 7

“It doesn’t really matter, nobody is enforcing it.”

One of the clients WLP helped achieve certification to CE Mark their products was asked by a company without certification – we’ll call them “Bentco” – to supply them with a single product.  This is perfectly legitimate and normal, and our client supplied the product together with the correct CE Marking documentation.

Then, in return for “handsome rewards”, our client was asked if they would supply blank documents to enable Bentco to pass off its own products as CE Marked. This would have been completely illegal and our client quite rightly refused.

A few months later our client was asked to verify some CE Marking documents issued by Bentco. After confirming they’d only issued documentation for the one product they’d supplied, our client discovered that Bentco had been selling its own products with forged CE Marking documentation carrying our client’s name.

This was clearly a deliberate fraud and the consequences for Bentco are likely to be severe. In addition to having to give a full refund on the goods supplied and compensation for both the customer and our client, they are facing the possibility of heavy fines, disqualification of directors and even imprisonment of those responsible.

CE Marking is a serious legal requirement and in addition to fraudsters like Bentco, legitimate businesses also need to beware of those who either don’t understand the requirements or simply ignore them. To get the facts about CE Marking with no heavy sales pitch, contact us on today!