ISO 9001:2015 – The Clock is Ticking for September 2018

In September 2015, a revised version of ISO 9001 was published. The deadline for upgrading to the latest version is September 2018, meaning companies who haven’t yet made the transition have less than 4 months left before their current certification becomes invalid.

ISO 9001:2015 introduced new terminologies and requirements that a lot of organisations, or those responsible for quality management within them, will be unfamiliar with. This has led to a lot of confusion when making the transition to the revised standard.

The 3 Areas Critical to a Successful Transition

Following recent transitional assessments by certifying bodies, three areas have been highlighted as critical to a successful ISO 9001:2015 transition. Responsible for a combined 70% of issues identified, these three key areas are:

To help with understanding these key areas, we have gone into more specific detail in a series of short blog posts, each of which can be viewed using the links above. We hope these posts provide some value to any individuals or organisations having trouble understanding the new terminologies and achieving re-certification to the latest standard.

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