ISO 9001:2015 Transition Help – Performance Evaluation

clipboardThis is the third in a series of blog posts covering ISO 9001:2015 and the
three key areas to a successful transition. To recap, the three key areas with
which many organisations are reportedly having considerable trouble are:

In this post we will be addressing the third and final area, Performance Evaluation, and where exactly businesses are having trouble.

Performance Evaluation

Around 15% of issues identified in transition readiness reports were related to businesses failing to show adequate measurement of their processes, and the use of that information to take actions for improvement.

  • Counting complaints does not meet the requirement to measure Customer Satisfaction. Which must also consider service quality as well as product quality.
  • It is not sufficient to record achievement of objectives with a note in the management review without supporting data/evidence to support the statement.
  • Performance indicators and measures are not generated or reviewed at regular intervals. Too frequently, the process of auditing is misused as the sole measure of performance.

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