MAS supports manufacturers with grants

The Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) provides an advisory service to manufacturing organisations to help them grow. MAS’s definition of a manufacturer is quite wide, including businesses that own the intellectual property and design products that may not even be manufactured in the UK.

This year MAS have launched a new approach, supported by funding that not only covers manufacturing improvement, but looks at the whole business.

Here are four areas where MAS can provide support:

  1. MAS STRATEGY helps you take a business-wide view and guides you into developing a vision for the future and a strategy to get there.
  2. MAS INNOVATES helps you come up with innovative new products that are successfully introduced to market.
  3. MAS EFFICIENCY covers the traditional areas of operations improvement using Lean and Six Sigma approaches to reduce waste, ensure your processes consistently hit the target, and your customer service impresses.
  4. MAS CONNECTS takes a wider look at your whole supply chain (raw materials to customer receipt and payment).

Projects under these banners will normally be delivered through independent experts such as WLP, though MAS can deliver some themselves. MAS provides part funding for SMEs for up to three projects per 12 month period, subject to the projects meeting the criteria for return on investment.

See here for more information.

Steve Palmer Steve Palmer

Steve is an experienced Operations and Technical Manager/Director, a professional process engineer (BSc.(Eng) 1st Honours), and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, with twenty years experience. He is also a Member of the Institute of Operations Management ...

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