People Buy People – a Retro Idea?

Or is that a rather cynical view of what is becoming a real revival of an old fashioned approach to doing business?

In choosing your Business consultant, you should of course be looking for the obvious “hard skills” of a sound business background and qualifications. However, you should also look to your consultant to have “soft skills” such as:

  • Insight
  • Ability to use knowledge innovatively
  • Good old fashioned research and a passion for ideas
  • An instinct for what changes need to be made in sometimes hostile situations,
  • Proficiency in influencing, negotiation and team building.

Choosing someone you can work with and alongside for the longer term benefit and future of your company is essential. However innovative , creative and modern our ideas, rather than implying a movement towards the past instead of progress to the future, we prefer to take advice from people “like us”. Business Consultants can perhaps set themselves apart in this because they are always working to help others.

It is becoming fashionable again for “People to buy People”.

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Pat has many years professional and practical cross sector expertise advising and working closely with individuals and businesses. Her knowledge and experience are broadly based, including Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), CE Marking, Sales & Marketing Development, Business Planning and Staff & Management evaluation and development ...

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