Internal Home-care Service Improvements

A Council has an excellent internal home-care service. Prior to the change it was perceived as expensive and there were times when care needed to be delivered but there wasn’t sufficient staff available.

We developed a new shift system for staff to lead its implementation. The care demand profile was used to develop a shift system which ensured carers were available when there was demand Monday to Sunday, 365 days per year. The project team worked with carers and the unions to improve this in order to meet their requirements.

The change went live on 3rd June 2006. Carers are delighted with the new rota. The Team Leaders see improvement as rounds are consistent and there is cover for holidays and sickness. Clients have had to get used to new carers but they are now benefiting from regular carers during the week and at weekends. An additional 7% of care is being delivered for the same cost.