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Throughout our 25 years of consultancy, we have helped hundreds of businesses. We are confident that we have the necessary experience to help your business improve.

Success Stories:

Human Resources Strategy – People development, appraisal and goal setting, and MAP

Getting the best from your people and avoiding pitfalls

WLP have extensive and practical experience in providing solutions to your people needs. We subscribe to best practice for people management, motivation and skill training, listening to and analysing your needs and helping you select the best way forward for your business.

We will help you with:

  • Specific problems such as a difficult employee, potential downturns in sales, or a change of direction.
  • Policies to help manage and improve compliance and ensure that you have good practice in place.
  • Recruitment, from the preparation of job and person specifications through to the offer, acceptance, and references.
  • Your HR needs. WLP offer more than the usual remote support. We stay in touch and offer practical solutions.
  • Preparing a staff handbook to assist you with implementing effective people management and protecting your business.
  • Improving performance – from absenteeism to assessment of management capabilities using our unique Managerial Assessment of Proficiency (MAP).
  • Creating strategic plans for the growth of your team.
  • Moving through the Investors in People standards.


Recruitment in an Industry Undergoing Radical Change

on This NHS multiple site GP practice in Norfolk required advice to re-define the business manager role. They needed to recruit the right person, someone with a successful track record in business and with proven profit responsibility. This person also had to be capable of steering the practice during a period of radical change within the Read More...

Recruitment in Legal Services Company

on A company involved in legal services required a qualified person but one who had management capabilities as well. Company’s needs were changing and the business was about to be influenced by legislative changes. The job and process requirements were assessed and reviewed. A job specification and a person profile were agreed. This helped with the Read More...

Internal Home-care Service Improvements

on A Council has an excellent internal home-care service. Prior to the change it was perceived as expensive and there were times when care needed to be delivered but there wasn’t sufficient staff available. We developed a new shift system for staff to lead its implementation. The care demand profile was used to develop a shift Read More...

Charity – Emplyoment

on A national Charity helping disabled and disadvantaged people, carrying out an SRB funded capacity building project in Lowestoft and wish to do a project aimed at supporting these people into work. The project will be on the boat building and ship repair industries as these have skill shortages which are undermining the future of the Read More...

Enabling High Growth in a Traditional Field

on William Morfoot Ltd is a client of WLP and enjoyed growth of nearly 50% this year, just one reason they can be rightly proud of their achievement. So how did this growth happen? Firstly, let’s give you a brief background to the company… William Morfoot Ltd is a successful land drainage business based in Norfolk Read More...

Recruitment in Rapid Growth Business

on A rapidly growing business had an over-stretched owner, who needed a key person to manage contracts effectively, and enable him to continue to develop new business opportunities. The recruitment task gave the owner confidence to ‘let go’ once it was determined was required of the new person. WLP assessed the role and developed the appropriate Read More...

Commercialisation in Kings Lynn

on In 2004, a Borough Council initiated a cost reduction and income generation programme. We were selected to carry out the commercialisation project to reduce subsidies to the areas of Arts and Entertainment, Sports and Leisure, the Crematorium, CCTV and CareLine by £400,000 per year. We call the savings improvements. We engaged the employees and worked Read More...

Improving HR Processes in a GP Practice

on This large practice located in North Norfolk wished to address some key issues regarding performance improvement, sickness absence, and management of staff. The increasing pressure to absorb increased workload work from the NHS, improve services, and control costs meant the practice had to review employment terms, as well as manage more effectively. Support was provided Read More...

Improving performance through simple processes

on A furniture manufacturer were employing two project managers. There were indications of projects not being managed effectively and both project managers using all manner of means to do their own thing. A simple grievance and disciplinary procedure was prepared.  Several jobs were investigated which found examples/evidence of poor performance.  Interviews were held with both Project Read More...

Don on site with plane

Marketing and HR policies build a business

on When Steve and Sandra Dawson bought Galaxy Travel, a network of travel agency branches, in the early 1990s, their objective was to build a company which would secure their future. Steve signed up for the WLP Business Growth Club to improve his skills and worked with WLP’s Don Pearson on business planning and strategy. The Read More...