Norman in client workshop Norman in client workshop

From small business to buyout

After 20 years in business as a cabinet maker, Simon Simpson found his business growing beyond what he believed were his management capabilities, so in the late 1990s he signed up for WLP’s Business Growth Club.

As Simon puts it: “From being a cabinet maker who employed a few people, I began to think like a businessman”. The 13 week course is a good opportunity to meet other business owners and work with experienced mentors on a plan for a new approach to your business.

Increased Growth

With his new learning and the help of WLP’s Norman Wilson, the business structure was reviewed and the need for staff planned. The business became an Investor in People. Marketing planning helped too, particularly the realisation that the demand for quality furniture remained but that more people were living in smaller rooms. Simon designed a new range to suit this market and enjoyed five years of 20% annual growth and a steady increase in profits.

Five years later, Simon felt that he had earned the opportunity to enjoy other pleasures in life, so he turned again to Norman Wilson to find a buyer for the business. Since selling a business is something few people do more than once, experienced help is essential. With WLP’s assistance, the business was prepared for market and the right buyer found to take the business forward.

With the experienced help injected at the right time, Simon has been able to make the most of his design skills and craftsmanship.