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Throughout over 25 years of consultancy, we have helped hundreds of businesses. We are confident that we have the necessary experience to help your business improve.


"WLP always exceed our expectations and are able to demonstrate a diplomatic way of solving and steering us to a point of change".

Annette Stalley - Abbey View Lodges. www.abbeyviewlodges.co.uk

"Thanks to Don's support, we have been able to sustain profitability within a market that has been hit hard in recent years."

Kevin Garwood - Managing Director, Norwich Sunblinds www.norwichsunblinds.co.uk

"Martin's involvement has given us a focus and a plan which has enabled us to return to profitability and keep up with our ever-changing competition."

Jon Starling - Managing Director, Starlings www.starlings.co.uk

"Our products are very innovative but it was clear our sales techniques were not. Seneye has seen rapid sales growth since Pat helped organize our activities. The return on investment has been very swift." 

Matt Stevenson - Managing Director, Seneye Ltd www.seneye.com

"We appreciate the work and attention given to our business, which is improving steadily with WLP support."

David Starling, Director, Starlings of Sheringham Ltd. www.starlings.co.uk

"Thanks to Alastair's expertise and support, we are now able to focus our efforts on improving health & safety within the business."

Chris Wright - Managing Director, Blyth & Wright www.blythandwright.co.uk

"Thanks to Norman, this last year has been the best it could have been."

Chris Wright - Managing Director. Blyth & Wright Ltd www.blythandwright.co.uk

"Since being introduced to WLP and using their Mentoring Service we have benefited from significant improvements in how we run our business. They have brought good clear vision and solutions to our Company; our performance has improved significantly as a result and they are always there to help and support us when needed".

Richard Seppings - Director - Winter Flora Ltd. www.winterflora.com

"We knew change was needed but we did not know where to start.  James explained our options in plain English and gave us the confidence to act.  His advice was thorough and professional but jargon-free.  We now have a sustainable IT plan and are heading in a clear and positive direction."

Kevin Garwood - Managing Director, Norwich Sunblinds Ltd www.norwichsunblinds.co.uk

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