Achieving Profitable Growth in a Recession-Hit Market

WLP has worked with this business since it operated as a two-man business working out of a shed, and is now operating from an 8,000 sq ft industrial unit employing 25 people.

This is the classic tale of not accepting a recession is the reason not to go for growth. The kitchens are bespoke, made by skilled cabinetmakers, and fully designed for the highest specification in kitchens. The reputation is growing as a result.

Clear focus on managing internal processes, implementing strong financial controls, reviewing and installing lean techniques as well as high skilled operational management has led to a transformation. The company has achieved 30% growth in the year to March 2013.

WLP continues to provide strategic expertise, objectivity, professional advice and guidance, as well as being able to assist with the implementation of change, to constantly look at ways to improve marketing and production