Information when it’s needed, at the point of need

We all lose our patience quickly if we can’t find the answers we want. When we’re faced with a wall of information where the relevant is hidden in plain sight it can be overwhelming. At some point this will tip us into either confusion or frustration and we will abandon our search as our need for information will be unmet.

A wall of information leaflets or a doorstop catalogue. These are well-meaning documents but with no easy filter to determine relevancy or usefulness. A visual confusion of choice without clarity. But what if there was a better way to present information with both breadth and depth that didn’t overwhelm? Information that enables your customers or service users to make better decisions about their purchases whilst accessing your products or services.

Forward thinking organisations are now including service touch-points to address the growing need for information delivered in a relevant and concise manner to customers and service users. Their use combines the best elements of digital innovation; personalisation, and up to date information in an engaging presentation format. They provide the immediacy of expert personal advice in a local setting.

Guiding the user, systems can collate relevant information and present it in a simple, and straightforward manner providing the user with the information they need in a timely way.

To discuss how you could make use of this technology to better deliver information to your customers contact Graeme at WLP.

Graeme Derby

Graeme Derby, based on the Essex Suffolk border, has wide commercial experience spanning multinational companies, family businesses and latterly, creating, running, and selling his own technology company. His expertise is in digital innovation and digital self-service technology, aligned to business transformation. He focuses on how digital technology can improve processes, reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve customer service and management. ...

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