Digital is great, but don’t ditch traditional marketing!

These days, most business people are very aware of the advantages of digital media marketing: flexible, highly targetable, rapid turn-around, easily-trackable performance and affordable for all sizes of businesses. The advantages that businesses can obtain by having websites and blogs and other digital marketing channels like email marketing, video marketing and podcast marketing are undeniable.

With all this going for it, it’s little wonder that digital media marketing has attained the status once dominated by print and electronic media, or that some proponents would have us believe that traditional marketing, particularly paying for advertising space, is becoming a thing of the past. So why are there no real signs of this actually happening?

The answer is volume. Ironically, one of digital media’s key strengths – simplicity and accessibility – is also its biggest weakness: digital is so easy that almost everyone is doing it and the sheer volume (in both senses of the word) of messages being put out on the burgeoning digital channels can make it pretty hard for yours to be heard.

That’s why most major brands still advertise in newspapers, television and radio, and their ads all flash their digital addresses, including website URLs and email IDs. Their marketing people understand that traditional media channels are still highly relevant and that an effective combination of both digital and traditional media can deliver the best results. They also understand the benefit of the much-maligned mail-shot; after all, only flat items can be delivered digitally!


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