Brexit & The Truth About EC Regulations

(See the post-brexit follow up to this blog here)

As the Referendum draws ever closer, the volume and intensity of the claims from both sides seems to be increasing at a near exponential rate.  Almost every day one side will make some dramatic claim and the other will immediately rubbish it.  Far from informing us of the issues and providing a balanced debate, all of this is simply creating uncertainty.  Because of this, many business owners and managers are delaying important decisions until after the result of the referendum is known.

So to try to shed some light and reality amongst the smoke and heat, here’s my take on what would really happen to all those EC rules and regulations if Britain opts for Brexit on 23rd June.

After some changes of personnel, the government would begin to think seriously about the way forward.  Then we’d be treated to a triumphant fanfare as a few of the sillier but, frankly, insignificant rules (such as having to state that tinned salmon contains fish) were scrapped.  But after that, I believe the vast majority of the current regulations would continue exactly as before.

Here’s why:

  • We’d still need them in order to continue trading with the EU.
  • Large multinational companies wishing to continue using common Standards across their operations will insist their UK suppliers & manufacturers continue to comply.
  • Replacing EC regulations with new ones would take a great deal of time and cost a vast amount of money.

So irrespective of the outcome of 23rd June, I predict the aftermath will be very much a case of ‘business (pretty much) as usual’ or, to put it another way, plus ça change, plus la même chose!


Has this changed following Brexit? See the follow up post here