Marketing Checklist – How did you do?

This is the scoring for the checklist you can find at marketing checklist.

40 – 50 Congratulations!
You have an excellent understanding of the need for effective marketing. There is evidence of a real commitment to staying close to your market(s) and you should be achieving considerable success. Even if occasionally results aren’t quite as good as planned, you will immediately know that this is the case, and will have a good idea why. Ensure your marketing performance stays effective by taking an objective look at your operations, fine-tuning your strategies and introducing new ideas and techniques.

27 – 39 Very good.
You have a keen appreciation of the importance of effective marketing to the success of the business, but you may not be performing as effectively as you could. Enable the business to achieve more of its potential by concentrating on growth areas: try to identify and prioritise them, and develop new strategies that will lead to a real improvement.

14 – 26 Some improvement
While there are indications of some real strengths, you may be missing opportunities and profits. Real improvement in performance can be achieved if you understand your market(s) better and sharpen up your planning. Try to build on your strengths and deal with key areas that you know need attention.

Up to 13 You may need help
You seem to be getting little benefit from your marketing effort and are almost certainly losing business as a result. However, there is outstanding potential for a real improvement in your business performance and a dramatic increase in profits. A thorough review of your marketing function, beginning with corporate attitude, understanding and capability, should get you off to a good start.

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