Ensure a successful consultancy project – 10 things your consultant should do

The Institute of Consulting has developed a range of behavioural requirements for successful consultancy projects.

The consultancy should:

  1. Have bid on your project with the team that will deliver.
  2. Have full knowledge of and understand the business and the requirements of the client.
  3. Be clear about their strengths and only quote in line with them. If the consultancy cannot display the right skills and knowledge they should withdraw.
  4. Adhere to the rules of engagement laid down for the tender process.
  5. Ensure that the client understands the required expenditure and has authorized it through the total life cycle of the project.
  6. Make sure that both client and consultancy have clear expectations about roles, responsibilities, costs and benefits before the assignment starts.
  7. Ensure that the bidding team knows about all areas of work between their consultancy practice and the client’s organisation and communicates this effectively within their practice.
  8. Put the interests of the client before their sales opportunity.
  9. Properly prioritise the client’s issues and not overcomplicate the project.
  10. Talk about the practical needs of the client without jargon or pomposity.  Consultancy will work better if the client gains in knowledge as the project progresses.

The client should make sure that they and the consultant can tick as many of these characteristics as possible.