Ensure a successful consultancy project – 14 things you should do

The Institute of Consulting has developed a range of behavioural requirements for successful consultancy projects.

The client should:

  1. Take the project through the organisation’s procedures for approval, including taking account of the whole lifecycle spend with an authorised business case, and identifying funding.
  2. Be clear and explicit about the need for the work and its benefits.
  3. Work with internal sourcing/procurement procedures and policies.
  4. Use a fast track procurement process when appropriate and available.
  5. Keep an open mind regarding suppliers.
  6. Define clear rules of engagement to govern the procurement process and communicate these to all parties.
  7. Have a mechanism for allowing key influencers to engage with consultants during the procurement process.
  8. Ensure the consultants know about internal political barriers and whether addressing these are part of their brief.
  9. Identify and make available the internal resources required to deliver the assignment successfully.
  10. Take a holistic approach to assignments to assist economies of scale. For example, is it best to address the whole organisation at once or one location at a time?
  11. For best value, consider a variety of resourcing and remuneration options.
  12.  Be clear with the consultant about the true state of knowledge and understanding of the problem, revealing any hidden issues.
  13. Be open to alternative ways of looking at the problem and be prepared to change views.
  14. Give honest feedback. Any issues with the team, approach, or your understanding of the project’s progression need to be addressed.