Business Plan for Veterinary Practice

The owner of a veterinary practice admitted that he lacked focus and had “lost his way”.
Together, with his senior staff we prepared a business plan which we communicated to the staff to gain their support as we were looking to make a change.
The results were excellent with proactive support from the staff with new and innovative ideas to help the practice and provide a far more customer focused strategy, this even involved a makeover of the reception.
A year later sales are up by almost £100,000 on the year and profitability which was less than 7% has increased to 17% for the financial year. Having a focused sales strategy and regular meetings providing guidance and support where and when required has help to refocus.

Martin Bonser Martin Bonser

An experienced senior manager, Martin has been involved in industry with Business Planning and staff development issues and achieved considerable success. He is also an experienced trainer, particularly staff appraisals and development programmes ...

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