Income Generation Programme for Borough Council

A borough council had pledged to lower the council tax as part of an election promise.

They had to reduce cost by £2 million a year.  They reduced the staffing by efficiency methods and improved their purchasing.  We bid and they gave us a job to help them with an income generation programme.

We were selected to carry out the commercialisation project to reduce subsidies, by increasing income, in the areas of Arts and Entertainment, Sports and Leisure, the Crematorium, CCTV and CareLine. The net improvement after allowing for costs was targeted as £400,000 per year.  We were paid largely from the improvements that were achieved after it had been proved that they were achieved on year after implementation.

We called the savings improvements.  We engaged the employees and worked with them to discover, develop and implement ideas whilst improving the process of implementation.  This included management development of participating managers.  This was required to make sure implementation was improved.

The target was exceeded and the Council lowered its Council Tax.  This was a gain-share project i.e. we received payment from the results achieved.