Innovation in a Traditional Market

The association with this business has been over nearly 20 years, from an innovative idea to provide woodland burials in the traditional, Victorian, funeral business.

This was a case of pioneering, working with the client to assist attract funding, develop expertise in an innovative area, and develop a presence in the staunchly traditional funeral business. The company is now building large woodland burial sites round the country, and growing progressively.

The input from WLP has been varied over the years and the company recently asked for support to develop an effective File Management system which would be standard across all sites. This involved working across sites at operational level, setting up teams, and unpicking as well as rebuilding the processes, to achieve a system of management and recording required to meet the highest standards.

Don Pearson Don Pearson

Don is a business graduate with a marketing and accountancy background. He has extensive experience in the food-related sector and spent several years with a US-owned food packaging company ...

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