Introducing IT System to Enable Growth and Reduce Costs


Our client is a family run company that manufactures and installs window blinds. The business managed its operations with a piece of bespoke software which had been written more than a decade earlier. The system had become inflexible and expensive to maintain. It was becoming an anchor to growth.

What We Did

  • reviewed current workflows and technology
  • evaluated options and the software marketplace
  • created a business case and a budget for investment
  • ran a commercial tender process
  • assisted in contractual negotiations


Our client invested in a new, web-based business management system.  Users were involved in the design and testing, which helped them to adopt the software and adapt to the change. Risk was dramatically reduced by introducing the solution in phases.  As the new technology proved its worth, the old processes were retired step-by-step. IT became an enabler and no longer a barrier.