Changing fortunes for growth in dried flowers

From little seeds. This traditional farm based business was started by growing, drying and selling bunches of dried flowers. The business was handed to the second generation, two sons, and market trends, as well as organisational issues led to the demise of the business into significant losses.

The ability to identify, with the family, the key issues and also reviewing prospects in the market and identifying the product as a home accessory, transformed the outlook for dried flower arrangements. Creativity and capable selling were key ingredients, and the ability to be innovative and test market, led to successful relationships with a range of new retailers. The company returned to profit within 18 months, and the track record maintained now for over 3 years.

WLP offered strategic expertise, objectivity, professional advice and guidance, as well as being able to assist the detachment of emotive family issues from the key needs of the business leading to radical change. Happy to say the family relationships have also improved significantly!