Lean Six Sigma used to improve maintenance scheduling & ensure HGV vehicle compliance

A national fleet provider of a mixed vehicle fleet identified that their fleet maintenance scheduling system was not providing effective or consistent planning of the MOT, LOLER / PUWER or vehicle maintenance events.  Hence potentially placing their customers O Licence certification at risk!

Using Lean Six Sigma methods our consultant worked closely with the client’s project team to examine the current systems in use.

The resulting process improvements delivered:

  • HGV operators licence protection
  • MOT, LOLER / PUWER certification events aligned to maintenance events – resulting in a reduction in vehicle downtime
  • Provided data and documentation that demonstrated compliance for the vehicle user
  • Real-time fleet maintenance scheduling and enhanced workshop planning leading to increased utilisation and profitability
  • Accountable measures and client KPI’s in place.

This led to increased customer satisfaction and visible assurance to the client’s directors that their compliance obligations were being fulfilled.


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