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Julian Blackmore and Chris Haythorpe Julian Blackmore and Chris Haythorpe

Gear Change For Roofing Company Identifies Sustainable Improvements

Aspect Roofing, a leading regional supplier of roofing products, first came to WLP for help with preparing for quality standards. They have had help with a successful product launch.

Their Tile Supplies division, which manufactures reproduction roof tiles, ventilators, ridges and fittings, engaged WLP to undertake its no win – no fee route to measurable business improvement, Gear Change.

Under Gear Change WLP guarantee to identify business improvements worth at least £15,000 GP achievable within twelve months.

What we did:

Following the six-step Gear Change process, WLP investigated Aspect roofing’s markets, products and services, supply chain, processes, compared current performance with competitors and undertook a customer survey.


Sustainable improvements worth £116,000 GP achievable within twelve months.

Further growth to £400,000 GP in three to five years

Several other suggestions for improving customer service

Needless to say, client was delighted!