Gear Change For Roofing Company Identifies Sustainable Improvements


Aspect Roofing, a leading regional supplier of roofing products, first came to WLP for help with preparing for quality standards. We have also helped them with a successful product launch.

Their Tile Supplies division manufactures reproduction roof tiles, ventilators, ridges and fittings. They engaged WLP to undertake our no gain – no fee route to measurable business improvement, Gear Change – now known as the Business Improvement Initiative.

Under Gear Change, WLP guaranteed to identify business improvements worth at least £15,000 GP achievable within twelve months. If we couldn’t identify this amount, the client paid nothing.

What we did:

Following the six-step Gear Change process, WLP investigated Aspect Roofing’s markets, products and services, supply chain and processes. We also compared current performance with competitors and undertook a customer survey.


As a result we found sustainable improvements worth £116,000 Gross Profit (GP) achievable within twelve months, increasing to £400,000 Gross Profit within five years. We were also able to offer several other suggestions for improving customer service, in addition to the Gross Profit improvements.  These, once put in place, would enhance customer satisfaction retention. Needless to say, our client was delighted and began implementing the recommendations WLP made.

The Business Improvement Initiative

We have recently updated and relaunched our Gear Change service as the Business Improvement Initiative. Under the Business Improvement Initiative, we guarantee to identify improvements worth at least £10,000 (NPBT) achievable within twelve months for businesses of 10-24 employees. If we can’t identify this amount, then you pay nothing. No gain – no fee.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please take a look at our Business Improvement Initiative service


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