John Parker and Norman Wilson John Parker and Norman Wilson

Reeltime Ltd Opens Doors and Prospers

Reeltime Ltd fulfil a wide range of packaging requirements including tags, cartons, shrink sleeves, labels and sheets using their bespoke Digicon 333 press.

They were working for food businesses and needed assessment of their systems to the BRC* packaging standard to continue or gain that work.

What we did:

We worked with the Directors over 7 months and introduced the systems that are required to achieve certification of the system for the most sensitive areas of food businesses. This included designing documents where they were required. We kept the system as simple as possible for a company of their size.

We also trained the staff in HACCP** and auditing and led the HACCP assessment developing the plan to implementing the changes required.

The system was installed as an interactive system making the documents available to everyone in the business on their computers.

We supported the staff through assessment and helped update the system afterwards to meet new requirements and BRC revisions.

The Results:

Certification was achieved first time with LRQA to the highest level in the standard for packaging in contact with food.

Business has grown using its unique systems and its certification.


* BRC is the British Retail Consortium.

** HACCP is Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.