Structureflex improves productivity to reach new sales

The company has manufactured flexible containers since 1970. The process used is quite unique and the growth in the business has placed the challenge to improve productivity to meet the growing order book, and to maximise the available resources.

Working with the Managing Director and the Operations Manager we established a measure of the effectiveness of the manufacturing process.  Employees and managers were trained so they understood the measure and why the company had decided to use it.  Data was collected and analysed daily and the results fed back to the shop floor.  Momentum was also given to change HR procedures and managers were armed so they could deal with issues of absenteeism, recruitment and other people issues. A couple of improvement workshops also took place involving operators and team leaders.

Production of bags has increased 20% per person in the first 6 months valued at over £500,000 per year.  This has also enabled the business to meet growing orders.