Charity – Employment

A national Charity helping disabled and disadvantaged people, carrying out an SRB funded capacity building project in Lowestoft and wish to do a project aimed at supporting these people into work. The project will be on the boat building and ship repair industries as these have skill shortages which are undermining the future of the sector locally. This will have an effect on tourism and the local economy.

The project will be funded through ESF Objective 2 and will cover Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth. Trainees will be taught basic craft skill related to the industry, and other sectors. They will enrol on accredited NVQ and C&G courses and gain work experience on restoration of nationally important historic ships. The project is also about social inclusion and enabling them to become valued members of their community.

We supported the Business Development Manager by recruiting partners and other relevant organisations to support the project. We set up a steering group to develop the project, and wrote and presented a bid to the Local Area Group. We are now working with the operations manager on implementing the scheme.