Enabling High Growth in a Traditional Field

William Morfoot Ltd is a client of WLP and enjoyed growth of nearly 50% this year, just one reason they can be rightly proud of their achievement. So how did this growth happen?

Firstly, let’s give you a brief background to the company…

William Morfoot Ltd is a successful land drainage business based in Norfolk and has been operating for over 50 years. Three generations of the Morfoot family have been involved with the business, with the company today remaining true to its original values that were set back in 1962. Literally experts in their field!

The company has its own fleet of state-of-the-art drainage trenchers fully equipped with the latest technology, along with a wide array of additional plant and machinery.


Their expertise extends to multi-million pound water management projects having capitalised on new opportunities in the marketplace – you could say created by the weather.

So, alongside the core activity of drainage they provide expertise in designing and creating features such as:

  • Lakes, Ponds & Réservoirs
  • All-weather equestrian arena
  • Utilities installation
  • Water Management Systems
  • Sports Field Construction

So what has changed?

Firstly, their vision on what they can do with their expertise on the land and this extends far beyond the traditional land drainage. Committing to a vision and new challenges. Secondly, improvements to internal processes and investment in management, supplying key staff with the skills and expertise to design and manage a range of land projects.
In addition, the changes within the company have enabled better marketing in new areas of potential.

New opportunities in renewable energy, environmental-wetland, coastal-related work and rural based leisure has meant a drive to extend contacts, as well as offer expertise to companies with responsibility in environment sustainability. This has been welcomed by rurally based communities.

The advantages have not just been in creating new relationships, enhancing their reputation, and delivering excellent projects on time and to budget, but in improved site management and cost and efficiency savings as well. Additional benefits came in creating income streams which exist all year round and not just in the summer when land drainage could be done.

WLP are proud to have been part of the team to help this business realise its potential, and look forward to continuous growth in the future.