Working With the Ideas of Staff and Managers

A local authority following a new political shape on its elected team were determined to make savings and to reduce the financial demand on rate players. This was a challenge where staff were working within a culture where jobs are perceived to be safe, and no incentive to improve profits.

We did a careful analysis of opportunities and staff attitudes which uncovered them to have a desire, to take on more control and be involved. Ideas, suggestions and plans were discussed which Managers found this a daunting prospect and were initially fearful of losing their traditional control. This was soon allayed as the ideas that were developed, quickly, turned into business opportunities.

The result was a 6 figure improvement in new income ideas. Other benefits showed a new feel by staff who felt they could use their skills and knowledge and, now they had been given the opportunity, were keen to show what they could do.

Don Pearson Don Pearson

Don is a business graduate with a marketing and accountancy background. He has extensive experience in the food-related sector and spent several years with a US-owned food packaging company ...

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