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We offer a wide variety of business growth services, from identifying areas of your business that need improvement through to providing support once a project is complete.



sourcing and delivering IT systems for advantage

IT is an essential business enabler. Good systems can make your business; underperforming systems can break it. Emerging technology creates opportunities, but can also produce bewildering choices and jargon. WLP can help you make sense of your options, talk to you in plain English and give you the confidence to make good decisions.

We also understand that choosing the right technology is only half the battle – the change needs to be well implemented. Good systems will fail to deliver if your staff or your customers are not engaged by the technology.

We will:

  • Help you define your needs.
  • Help find systems and suppliers that are the most appropriate and affordable for your business.
  • Talk to you in language you can understand (we won’t talk jargon).
  • Give support during development and implementation.
  • Provide resources to put new systems in place.
  • Help your business stay safe and avoid cyber crime.
  • Assist you with developing policies and procedures.

01953 882141 or email: enquiry@w-l-p.co.uk us about Systems

Systems - Success Stories

  • Helping Self-adhesive Label Company to grow, become more profitable and be passed on

    Over a period of a few years we helped a business grow more profitable and eventually to be sold to the satisfaction of the owners. A self adhesive label printer had produced a variety of similar labels on a number of different machines and stocks inconsistently.  Time did not permit comparisons.  A large number of Read More...
  • Introducing IT System to Enable Growth and Reduce Costs

    Introduction Our client is a family run company that manufactures and installs window blinds. The business managed its operations with a piece of bespoke software which had been written more than a decade earlier. The system had become inflexible and expensive to maintain. It was becoming an anchor to growth. What We Did reviewed current Read More...
  • Adding a Long Term Strategy to IT Infrastructure

    A client’s IT infrastructure had grown but without a long term strategy.  Systems had become disparate and were starting to hold the business back. They sought the help of WLP to try and turn this around. Our consultant reviewed the current workflows and technology, before creating a business case and budget for investment. We ran a commercial Read More...