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We offer a wide variety of business growth services, from identifying areas of your business that need improvement through to providing support once a project is complete.


Manufacturing & service improvement

more for the same, the same for less

At WLP, we work with you to systematically and pragmatically facilitate change, simplify processes, improve efficiencies and productivity, reduce variability and achieve excellent customer service. Our experience has been gained through working in a wide range of manufacturing and service organizations including food, chemical, automotive, financial, health and social care.

Our approach is based on the world renowned Lean Six Sigma. Using systematic techniques and data to understand the processes and working with your people from senior managers to shop-floor staff, we can identify opportunities and then deliver real benefits as required.

We use “Lean” to focus on eliminating time and resources that do not add value to your products and services, while “Six Sigma” focuses on ensuring your organization delivers the quality and service required every time.

We can train and coach individuals within your organization to deliver or we can work with you to implement the change through an involvement and facilitated approach. Our extensive experience of working in unique, complex environments and solving those problems that keep coming back, means we can focus on giving you cost effective solutions.

Typical benefits include:

  • Better product or service quality and consistency.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Improved productivity, capacity, output and reliability.
  • Reduced process or cycle time.
  • Less waste, reduced downtime.
  • More successful and faster product launches.
  • More motivated staff.
  • Changed culture.
  • Reduced cost and work in progress.

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Manufacturing & service improvement - Success Stories

  • Manufacturing Improvement Plan for Noise Control Systems Manufacturer

    Introduction: A company specialising in the manufacture and installation of noise control systems across the world, recognised a need to improve manufacturing productivity and become more agile in its ability to meet changing market requirements. What We Did: worked with the client to establish and implement a manufacturing improvement plan covering 3 factory units introduced new Read More...
  • Safety products manufacturer sees huge increase in output!

    Introduction Centurion Safety Products Ltd experienced a sudden increase in demand for its respiratory products due to a competitor withdrawing from the marketplace.  This was putting their traditional manufacturing process under unsustainable strain.  WLP were asked to help them overcome their capacity constraint. What We Did: trained key members of the manufacturing team in relevant lean Read More...
  • Lean Six Sigma used to improve maintenance scheduling & ensure HGV vehicle compliance

    A national fleet provider of a mixed vehicle fleet identified that their fleet maintenance scheduling system was not providing effective or consistent planning of the MOT, LOLER / PUWER or vehicle maintenance events.  Hence potentially placing their customers O Licence certification at risk! Using Lean Six Sigma methods our consultant worked closely with the client’s Read More...