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We offer a wide variety of business growth services, from identifying areas of your business that need improvement through to providing support once a project is complete.


Mentoring & coaching

a listening ear with pragmatic guidance

At WLP, our goal is to help businesses grow and Mentoring is often part of the way forward. Mentoring can help organisations with a range of things. This includes achieving or returning to sustainable profitability, going through a particularly difficult period and emerging into a new future or just helping you grow and move on to the next step. It is not necessarily restricted to the business transactions either, it can include other issues such as ensuring the right wills, insurance and tax arrangements are in place for the benefit of the owners and their successors.

The focus of the mentoring support you receive varies according to the areas where the support and guidance is required. We have a group of mentors with a wealth of experience across several industries and issues, as well as the added benefit of being able to call on their colleagues for further support if necessary. The intensity of the mentoring may vary as well, as it may be monthly, quarterly or on occasions more frequently.

We do not have a standard mentoring offering. Each offering is bespoke to the individual requirements of each client. One thing you will have included is telephone support between meetings for urgent issues. The initial meetings and sessions are always face to face with you.

The proof of our worth is the results we help you achieve. We have many examples of people and companies we have worked with who are delighted with the progress they have made. It does not matter at what stage you seek advice in order to make better progress. Our track record, experience, skills and understanding can complement your industry knowledge and drive.

We like to meet initially at no cost to you. This is typically twice before we can agree a way forward. It is only after we have agreed a Mentoring programme with you that we will charge. Our involvement and costs depend on the scale of the role and the scope of our involvement, which may change as the business grows. Most usually we work on a flat monthly fee, typically regardless of the amount of time spent during that particular month. Any arrangement can be cancelled with one months’ notice if that is what is required.

Finally, we only have effect if you let us be effective. In other words, we need your openness and timely supply of information. Without this information, we cannot advise you.

We will:

  • Help you develop and enhance your skills, knowledge and expertise
  • Help you with any issues that you have not encountered or where you are struggling to find an answer.
  • Support you if or when the going gets tough.
  • Act as a sounding board for your ideas.
  • Help with the development of your strategy and your people.
  • Assist you to ensure you have the information to manage performance.
  • Help to keep you on a steady course and avoid accidental mishaps
  • Provide access to our colleagues’ contacts to help you move forward.
  • Help you in your thinking about the business.
  • Agree with you a focused way forward and monitor the progress together.

01953 882141 or email: enquiry@w-l-p.co.uk us about Mentoring & coaching

Mentoring & coaching - Success Stories

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  • Sustaining Profitability in Poor Market Conditions

    A client specialising in the manufacture and installation of window blinds came to us for assistance. The home improvement market in which they operate has been hit hard in recent years, and it was our consultant’s job to advise and minimize the impact these market conditions had on the company. Our consultant provided mentoring to help Read More...
  • Mentoring for a Landmark on Marketing Plan

    A significant landmark has unique characteristics as a conference and food facility, located in central Norwich. The scope and potential for business is extensive and the business, which is a charitable trust, wished to have assistance mentoring the Marketing Manager to define potential, establish scope, prioritise and implement new marketing initiatives. We focused on a Read More...