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Human resource

managing your team effectively and legally

Human Resource (HR) is a key area for all businesses, especially when you employ people to provide or deliver your services. We offer qualified, pragmatic advice and deliver compliant and cost effective HR solutions covering contracts through to hand books, advising on conflict resolution, as well as providing development and recruitment services of the highest standard. We are license holders for the Managerial Assessment of Proficiency, a unique assessment and development tool for Managers and Supervisors.

Effective anticipation of issues and adoption of good people management practices will save your business from the costly and highly disruptive impact of claims made by staff or ex-employees. Therefore, we place a great deal of emphasis on avoidance.

Reviewing your terms and documentation, as well as records, and helping you implement cost effective and best practice changes with staff is a core part of our service. We are always there to help you if, or when, you hit problems along the way. We work alongside you and your team and invest the time and management expertise your company requires.

We will help you by:

  • Defining your specific requirements – setting out the risks associated with compliance or good sense strategies.
  • Ensuring you have tailored documentation, including staff handbooks with contractual and non-contractual policies personalised for your business.
  • Talking to you in language you can understand (we do not talk jargon).
  • Providing support during development and implementation.
  • Providing resources to put new systems in place.
  • Making sure your business becomes compliant and reduces the risk of claims.
  • Delivering development programmes to maximise your team’s potential.
  • Introducing you to trainers that we have carefully vetted.

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Human resource - Success Stories

  • Recruitment in an Industry Undergoing Radical Change

    This NHS multiple site GP practice in Norfolk required advice to re-define the business manager role. They needed to recruit the right person, someone with a successful track record in business and with proven profit responsibility. This person also had to be capable of steering the practice during a period of radical change within the Read More...
  • Recruitment in Legal Services Company

    A company involved in legal services required a qualified person but one who had management capabilities as well. Company’s needs were changing and the business was about to be influenced by legislative changes. The job and process requirements were assessed and reviewed. A job specification and a person profile were agreed. This helped with the Read More...
  • Recruitment in Rapid Growth Business

    A rapidly growing business had an over-stretched owner, who needed a key person to manage contracts effectively, and enable him to continue to develop new business opportunities. The recruitment task gave the owner confidence to ‘let go’ once it was determined was required of the new person. WLP assessed the role and developed the appropriate Read More...