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finding a way back to sustainable profitability

Running your own business can be a lonely occupation. Even more so when things begin to go wrong and matters start to become serious. Who is around to help to diagnose and resolve these problems?

Most consultants produce a glossy report and then disappear, leaving the proprietor to deal with the same issues whilst trying to keep on top of the business. At WLP, we can stay with you through the good and bad times, until we all agree that you can see the wood from the trees and the business is back to sustainable profitability. Should you want us to, we are happy to stick around after the project to ensure the business remains on track and succeeds.

We will:

  • Discuss the issues with you, the proprietor, and talk to the key staff to ascertain where they see the issues.
  • Identify the structure and roles and responsibilities.
  • Review the financial data and identify the break-even point.
  • Look at efficiency levels and compare to the competition.
  • Agree the way forward and an Action Plan with the proprietor.
  • Negotiate a practical way forward with the business funders.
  • Conduct regular meetings with the proprietor and key staff to monitor the business.

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Turnaround - Success Stories

  • Retail Company Return to Profitability!

    A retail company operating from 4 sites in East Anglia were suffering losses and sought the help of our consultant to try and turn this around. Our consultant conducted a review of the operations, resulting in the sale of a redundant warehouse, and a focused business plan was provided and implemented. We also conducted monthly board meetings Read More...
  • Family Business Problems Resolved

    A family run business owns and lets timber construction lodges for holiday lets. There were several challenges in terms of family issues ownership, tax, inheritance and land matters. During the previous 3 or 4 years the company had also developed a high level of debt and was in danger of going out of control. We Read More...
  • Pub-Restaurant Turnaround

    A pub-restaurant had been performing poorly; with sales dropping and costs too high, WLP were asked to turn the business around. After addressing health and safety, food hygiene and other compliance issues, WLP introduced new seasonal menus featuring fresh, local produce and affordable pricing. We then set robust cost controls, challenging performance targets and began Read More...