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For you to access some markets, you will need to comply with ISO9001:2015. It could be that you operate in an industry with its own related standard, such as Aviation, Automotive and Food.

Obtaining a certificate from an accredited certification body should be relatively easy. The smoothest implementations are achieved when the senior management is fully committed, as the standard requires them to be involved. It is also advisable that you have, or acquire, expertise to help. There are many Accredited Certification Bodies out there, not just BSi.

Certification to ISO 9001 comes with all the below benefits and more:

  • Sets you apart from your competition
  • Allows you to access new markets and opportunities
  • Greater consistency
  • Continuous improvement of processes and systems
  • Improve your products/services, as well as customer feedback and retention
  • Increases your efficiency as a business

The latest, 2015 version also provides additional benefits. It has added a greater robustness to planning and strategy in some businesses, and a compliant system does establish a good way of keeping all the company processes and documents in one place. This can include policies, staff handbooks and Health & Safety documentation.

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