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Reducing risk in new product launches

Aspect Roofing, a leading regional supplier of roofing products, first came to WLP for help with preparing for quality standards.

Seeing the benefit of some external advice, they returned when they had a new product opportunity to investigate. Pre-formed floor joists delivered to site ready made, as with roofing trusses, improve strength, consistency and quality, ease routing of electrical cables and pipe work and reduce the need for skilled labour on site.

Although in some ways similar to part of their existing product range, Aspect realised that this would take them into new territory and that they needed to move swiftly to get in ahead of potential competition. WLP’s Julian Blackmore was therefore charged with developing a marketing plan for the launch of the new product.

New markets

Julian conducted extensive research to look at potential markets, competition and likely future developments in the construction industry, involving wide discussions with potential users. Critically, the new product would take Aspect more firmly into the new build market. With information on types of building suitable for the new flooring system, potential volumes of sale and views of Aspect Roofing, Julian sat down with the team at Aspect to prepare a marketing plan.

The plan is being implemented and working well. Initial machinery has been installed and production staff have been trained and are now working near full capacity. Aspect are breaking ground in a new market which is also giving them new outlets for their existing products.

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