Are You Getting Away With it?

An accident is an unplanned event or series of events that result in loss or harm – be that an injury, damage to plant/equipment or rejected product.

How often do we take that wider view of what an accident is?

Or does the mantra “no harm, no foul” take precedence because it requires less effort.
An event that didn’t result in harm to a person is often labelled a “near-miss” but in truth it was a miss, it was nearly a hit.

Take a look at your workplace… Every scratch on a forklift truck bumper occurred as a result of an unplanned contact with another object.

Are you sure that next time that contact won’t be with an employee or visitor, or are you content with getting away with it?

Alastair Inskip

Alastair is a specialist Compliance and Standards Consultant with extensive experience of regulations and compliance standards in Manufacturing. His specialisms include H & S, environmental management, quality management and more. ...

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