Doing Your Bit: Charity Work

Charities generate a huge amount of revenue and expenditure – in the order of £30 bn, with over 160,000 registered in the UK.  The good causes are endless and we may have all been involved directly, indirectly or both at some time.  Whether it is a national or a local aid organisation, donating or giving up our time to help counts the most.  As someone said to a colleague the other day, when someone gives you their money they show they can afford it; when someone gives you their time they are giving you part of their life.

In between my work and family commitments, I manage to devote varying amounts of time throughout the year to three charities:

Although financial funding is an increasingly common issue for all charities, very often it is the physical support generously provided by volunteers and supporters that is a rare commodity.  Even in our very busy lives, perhaps we should see what time we could find to contribute to a charity of our choice – in my experience it is almost never refused!  As the old saying goes “If you want something done, ask a busy person.”

Paul Fieldhouse

Paul’s earlier corporate career was spent in sales and marketing, before progressing into general management within the food and drink sector. He helps his clients by leading and delivering business growth through effective business planning and successful sales & marketing strategies ...

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