Is your business truly in the Happy Zone?  

One thing I’ve learned over the years when working with businesses is that it doesn’t take too long to work out whether they are what I would call a ‘happy’ organisation. You may think I’m referring perhaps to prosperity, being in advantageous circumstances, or a sense that things are going generally well. These are contributing factors, certainly. However, I’m alluding to a deeper level of achievement that reflects the way people within the business feel about their sense of purpose, their levels of drive, and to what degree they look forward to coming to work each day. I’ve experienced many ‘content’ businesses; I would say the majority in fact. One or two where contentment would be a stretch of the imagination, and only a handful that I would categorise as truly ‘happy’. It’s not an exact science, but it is measurable and you certainly know when you’re in one.  

An engaged, committed employ, that strongly identifies with their employer’s business, tends to be greatly more productive and contributes more to the improvement and success of the organisation – and is less likely to want to leave. It’s often overlooked that, fair financial compensation as a given, employees greatly enjoy the opportunity to make a difference and be feel recognised for the importance of their contributions.  

Do you allocate sufficient time to understanding what could drive increased employee engagement, commitment and identification in your business? 

For business owners and people managers interested in making a happy, productive workplace and develop a positive culture with employee wellbeing at its heart, we can benchmark your business against our very informative People Excellence Model, which will reveal your opportunities to move your business into the happy zone, and help you develop a plan to turn those opportunities into reality.  

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