Implementing a good Health and Safety System for your business

We have worked with businesses to improve Health and Safety.  Often it is struggle and we find that the system is isolated and conflicts with other company systems.  We have found a good way of ensuring that the system gets embedded.  This is by using BS OHS 18001.  Where possible we integrate it with other company systems.  It has positive benefits as well as reassurance including:

  • Confidence  that you proactively manage Health and Safety and you exercise due diligence
  • Ensuring you plan, implement, assess and review your H&S systems regularly and maintain continuous improvement
  • You have systems and procedures that identify, reduce , mitigate and control health and safety concerns within the business
  • People within your company have clear communication about the part they play in the development of their company safety.

To Implement BS OHS 18001 you must:

1.   Evaluate the health and safety needs of your company and identify the boundaries of the Health and Safety system you need.

2.   Document all your procedures, develop any new ones you need to fully comply with the standard and ensure they are all fully implemented.

3.   Set up internal and external reviews to ensure that all system remain effective.

Sometimes an outsider who has done this before will speed the process and give confidence you are on the right path.

You will when you successfully implement the system have:

  • Successfully reduced the company risk burden by managing health and safety risks.
  • Improved operational efficiency and performance (including accident reduction and reduced downtime).
  • Provided the competitive advantage of commitment to Health and Safety.
  • Helped reduce insurance premiums.

BS ISO 18001 is designed to be integrated with other management systems including the ISO 9000 series for quality and the ISO 14000 series for environmental management.