Management Styles – Which are you?

Why are large numbers of people extremely active and successful in planning/organising sporting activities, interests and clubs?

However, the same people in a work context, are often seen and categorised by business owners and their managers as lacking imitative, disinterested in the future of the Company but, expect to receive good pay and benefits for as little effort as possible.

One major reason is their management style may be inappropriate for the business and its people. Management style in the modern context of today needs to be more effective in motivating and engaging people in positively developing and growing the business.


The Democratic Manager (Mr or Mrs Popular)
– Will use methods of delegation to empower employees to complete tasks and duties using their own methods.

The Autocratic Manager (Despot)
– Are more controlling when compared to the democratic style. They make decisions without consulting staff and then tell staff what to do.

The Paternalistic Manager (Grandparent)
– Is still authoritarian but they will be more parental to staff by taking their personal lives into account.

Consulting Managers (Great place to work)
– Uses a combination of autocratic and democratic management styles, they will use the correct style appropriate to the moment.

Minimal Involvement Manager (Hippy)
– Has a minimal involvement and give employees absolute freedom to complete tasks.


So which category fits your business?

Is it suitable to successfully develop and grow your business, ensuring a good and prosperous future for you and your workforce?

If the answer is yes – well done

If not then you must take action now.


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