3 Actions to Implement Change – The Key to Change Management

Great projects succeed because people want them to…

So, how do you get people to want to?

Some naturally will, but you can’t assume everyone will share that same enthusiasm. When you remove the inadvisable bribery and brute force, it boils down to overcoming resistance to change.

What may seem insurmountable resistance can be tackled with 3 simple actions:

1. Building dissatisfaction with the current state
Highlight just how bad things are (or could be) without the change. Make sure you touch a nerve for all concerned. Often people get used to the ‘workarounds’, so they need help to see the inconvenience. Likewise, when they have their heads down doing the job, they don’t have time to see just how inefficient things are. You certainly shouldn’t assume that everyone else feels the pain as sharply as you.

2. Creating a vision for the future
Painting a picture of the future and the positive effect it will have on individuals is crucial. Whilst you may be confident of the benefits and excited by the shiny new change, be mindful others may just see more work in learning new ways. Be sure to point out explicitly the link between the change and a personal improvement for individuals.

3) Taking those first steps
Being present and visibly involved when the change comes into place can go a long way to bringing people around. If you silently drop a change in and hide in an office, you might as well be burying your head in the sand. When you peer round the office door, you’ll probably find people trying their hardest to revert back. Instead, if you’re there to help take those first calls with a headset on or roll your sleeves up and join the production line, you will get a different result.

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